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Who Discovered Washing Hands Prevents the Spread of Disease?

 The idea of washing hands to prevent the spread of disease is not a new one. You might be surprised to learn that the idea was developed in 1847 by Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, a Hungarian doctor and scientist, who discovered a link between disease and washing hands before the idea …

Giant Music Box – Marble Machine X

 What can you do with a Bass Guitar, Computer, CAD Software, and Power Tools? There are those who create synthesizers out of old Nintendo machines. Sebastiaan Jansen is creating a mechanical version — Marble Machine X — which he has been building and designing for 7 years.  The machine is …

Before the Tesla Model 3 there was Nikola Tesla

It is funny how the history of technology often goes around full circle.  We went from centralized mainframes with terminals, to the PC which are decentralized, to the cloud computing which is centralized. With more people and businesses starting to use solar power in various forms, we are often forced …