Education is changing. Parents, students, and educators are adapting to the “new normal” – and it is hard to keep up. 

STEM+ by Commonwealth Learning Systems (CLS) is dedicated to developing online STEM educational opportunities that fill the gaps. With a focus on emerging technologies and job skills, our goal is to support the Commonwealth of Virginia’s learners and educators in innovative, accessible ways – especially online. 


STEM+ Online – Summer 2020

Explore Data Analytics

July 6, 2020 – July 30, 2020

Explore the field of Data Analytics in this virtual course tailored for high school and community college students.

Join VT instructors for daily sessions to guide you through online  activities introducing the science of learning and making conclusions from data.

Data Analytics is currently not offered in most high schools, yet it is one of the fastest growing career paths in the nation. The demand for technical expertise is out-pacing supply.  Technical expertise is needed to develop new methods, tools, and infrastructures required to support novel big data analytics operations in industry, government, and academia.

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 To Be Announced 

Learn about drones, where and when you can fly them, and how to fly them using drone flight simulator software — before you purchase a drone. 

Before a licensed pilot flies a new plane, they fly the plane using a flight simulator so they know what to expect.

This course is an introduction on where and how to start. 

  • How to fly a drone on available simulator software,
  • Different types of simulator software available,
  • Where and when you can fly a drone, 
  • Licenses and registrations you may need, and
  • Where to find the latest rules and regulations on flying drones as a hobby and commercially.

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