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Annenberg Learner is an online education platform best known for its free-to-watch courses and workshops for teachers. It provides online courses and teaching instructions on many subjects – for both students and teachers. Annenberg Learner also offers supplementary material for teachers and students, including interactive activities, homework and reviews to go along with lessons. Teachers are provided instructional objectives and activity overviews.

What you can do: Courses for students provide video lectures, a written lesson overview, in-class activity worksheets (like questions to answer while following along an instructional video) and homework (exercises and review questions). They include faculty guides for class activities and exercise answers for teachers. 

Teachers are provided free workshops for their own professional development. These professional development courses help teachers learn how to better teach a class or subject. Each course displays several methods of teaching, i.e. visually, hands-on, example-based as well as multiple example problems where each may suit a particular student differently than another. They are offered by grade level. 

For parents/privacy: Annenberg Learner collects minimal data from student visitors; most of it comes from the website, including cookies, browser information and your IP address. For teachers, Annenberg Learner asks for your job title, grade(s) you teach and subject area upon signing up. Learn more here:

What it costs: Courses from Annenberg Learner are free for individual students and teachers, but instructors of institutions that charge tuition must buy a license to use them in a classroom setting. Annenberg Learner courses can be licensed from several distributors, including, and

An example course from (Against All Odds: Inside Statistics):

    • $1,598.40
    • 3-Year Streaming License
    • 360 minutes
    • 32 video modules

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