Fun sites and videos recommended by CLS colleagues:

Humming Bird Drones

In the mountains of Mexico, a spy hummingbird ventures into the heart of a breathtaking monarch butterfly swarm. Nature on PBS  

Virtual Reality – For Dogs

Join Virginia Tech therapy dogs Moose, Derek, and Wagner as they explore the studios at VT’s Newman Library and make their virtual reality dreams come true.  VT’s Studio Network

Outside the Box


    READ MORE ARTICLES by CLS Dean McIntyre on the interconnectness of technology, music, art, drones, and more. 

    Shrimp on a Treadmill


    This is the original video of a shrimp on a treadmill as produced by David Scholnick, of Pacific University, and his colleague, College of Charlestons Lou Burnett. Pacific University  



    Explore a Virtual World

    ICAT – Open at the Source 2020 Explore a virtual world filled with innovative student projects that bring together scientists, engineers, artists, and designers who are addressing some of the world’s most complex challenges.Walk around the virtual exhibit space. Go to  ICAT C + I  , scroll down about half way to load the room and explore the virtual event space.

    Dive into the Clinch River 

    Benthos 360 Dive into the Clinch River with researchers as they document the conservation of Appalachia’s endangered freshwater mussels—one of the most imperiled animals on the planet. Watch Intro Video on VT ICAT site 


    Propolis – immersive exhibition Track a day in a life of a honeybee.  Designed for  children ages 4-14. Voice overs, audio, and motion graphics to describe how important honey bees are to the economy. Read more on the VT ICAT site