What is STEM+ ?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The term is used widely to refer to science and technology education and workforce preparedness.

CLS  educators decided that STEM+ better describes what we do. We work with learning partners on projects that are often interdisciplinary, incorporating the humanities, arts, community needs, and global concerns. 

CLS partners with schools, school divisions, research scientists, STEM+ educators, and community youth organizations to make STEM+ learning accessible and real.

STEM+ by CLS creates contextual learning. Through real-time, hands-on interactions with technology, tools, and instructors, students are able to more immediately grasp complex concepts and build on that new knowledge quickly.

Commonwealth Learning Systems (CLS)

Commonwealth Learning Systems (CLS) includes a network of educators collaborating together to create educational opportunities that address educator’s needs and emerging topics. Our particular focus is on STEM+ fields and the skill sets needed in our rapidly changing workforce. 

Our network include designers, instructors, and business partners from across the Commonwealth in institutions serving K-12 to adult learning. 

Commonwealth Learning Systems – STEM+
Farida Mohamed
Director, Commonwealth Learning Systems – RHEC
Roanoke Higher Education Center, Suite 813
108 North Jefferson Street
Roanoke, VA 24016

(540) 767 – 6350


Commonwealth Learning Systems (CLS) is a member of the Roanoke Higher Education Center in historic downtown Roanoke. 

Roanoke Higher Education Center
108 North Jefferson Street
Roanoke, VA  24016