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Enjoy keeping up to date with the latest innovations and news stories in the STEM field? Science News for Students is the place for you!  Read articles and watch videos on almost every scientific topic you can think of. The site is full of science experiments, neat jobs you’ve probably never heard of, in-depth articles of current events, discoveries, and so much more.

What you can do: Head on over to the Science News for Students website to find a screenfull of articles and videos to explore. In the top menu, you can check out the many different sections the site has to offer by clicking on the Sections drop down menu.

  • In the Explainers page you can learn to understand some of the pivotal topics in the STEM fields, including how waves work, the pH scale, and allergies. Here you can also find information on relevant topics today like the coronavirus and global warming.
  • The Word of the Week page will show you this week’s chosen word of focus, with an article explaining the word and its applications in the STEM fields. The previous weeks’ words are also shown below. Some examples of words you might find here are polymer, spaghettification, and momentum.  
  • The Cool Jobs page will show you some of the most interesting STEM jobs found today, including some particularly interesting niche jobs.  
  • The Analyze This page will show articles that examine some of nature’s most intriguing characteristics and try to answer the question of why things are the way they are. For example, you may read about why beetles are certain colors or why insects migrate and much more. 

I encourage you to look over all of the sections that Science News for Students has to offer. There is so much content on this website that will help you develop your STEM knowledge. Remember, paying attention and staying informed on major science topics now will help you make smarter decisions in the future.

Privacy/For Parents: Science News for Kids is a fantastic way to keep students up-to-date on current STEM news. The articles are provided for free on their main website. There is also an email newsletter students can subscribe to that they can check to stay up to date. Science News for Kids is a subsidiary of Science News (, owned by the Society for Science. Here is a link to their cookie policy: 

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