Mozilla Hubs

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Mozilla Hubs is a fantastic free online service that allows anybody to meet and interact with each other in a customizable 3D virtual environment. In a Hubs virtual room, users can chat via text or microphone input, share media including images, videos, and 3D models, and interact with the virtual world around them. Mozilla Hubs can turn a stale conference call into a fun, engaging event that simulates a real life meeting. 

What you’ll do there: Mozilla Hubs is an enclosed virtual environment where anyone with an email and a web browser or phone can interact with other users and the environment. The online service works great for meetings that involve more than just speaking. Mozilla Hubs contains many life-like features, including the ability to move around the room and dynamic volume control, i.e. if somebody walks away from you, their microphone audio will get quieter. This allows for a realistic simulation of real life meetings. 

For Parents/Privacy: Mozilla Hubs is a safe environment for everyone to interact and participate in virtual activities. No accounts nor passwords are required, just a desktop or mobile browser! For specific information on Hubs’ privacy, visit the Hubs privacy notice here:

What you’ll need to access a Hubs room: Just a web browser or mobile device! What makes Hubs such an accessible online service is that all someone needs to create a Hubs room is to just head to the main Hubs website from their desktop or mobile browser and click on create room.


To make the room accessible to others, the room owner must share the link underlined in black or six digit code circled in black with all users who plan on joining (as seen below).

Sharing a room in Hubs

These users can then go to the main Hubs website, click on join room, and enter the code to join the same room. Every user will be prompted with the option of joining the room with a virtual reality headset!

Joining a Hubs Room

In order to perform certain features in the Hubs room, like changing the room capacity and muting or kicking users, the owner should login to Mozilla Hubs – a surprisingly easy process! All the user has to do is click the “Sign in” button and type in their email.

How to login to Hubs

An email will be sent containing a link that upon clicking will begin a login session for that user. No password or account required!

It’s absolutely free. For basic use (everything I described above). Users may pay for an additional Hubs Cloud service offering more customization and security features. These features are helpful when hosting large, organized events. There are also options to sync Mozilla Hubs with Discord chatrooms. You can find more information on these features here.