FutureHAUS – New Technologies for Energy Positive Smart Homes

What Virginia Tech project has traveled the world, visiting Dubai, UAE, New York’s Times Square, and Washington, DC?  

FutureHAUS, Virginia Tech’s Center for Design Research energy positive smart home. Winner of the the Solar Decathalon Middle East 2018, FutureHAUS was designed and built by an interdisciplinary team of VT students and researchers exploring new ways to build and new ways to live.

Inspired by the best production practices of the automotive and airplane industry, the FutureHAUS Dubai explores the process of prefabrication to deliver modular structures that integrate smart technologies, energy efficient systems, and new materials. Our innovative prototype proposes a factory produced, energy-positive, smart home. The goal is to not only invent the future of housing with the integration of smart technologies, but also invent the future of how they will be built. (www.futurehaus.tech/)

Virginia Tech FutureHAUS Responsive Design Makes Whole House Work Like a Live-In App  (CBS New York) 


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This solar-powered prefab home took over Times Square

Curbed, May 31, 2020